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How do I make imx6qsabresd into a DHCP server

Question asked by Terry Farnham on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by Terry Farnham

I'm having difficulty getting the sabre board to be a DHCP server for my network.


Within my own layer using the Yocto framework:

I have created a dhcp_%.bbappend

I have my own dhcpd.conf

I have my own default-server file


I have validated that the created image does in fact include my versions of these files.


When I boot the image, I see the message:


Starting DHCP server: No state is present for card imxhdmisoc


I must be missing something, or have the files configured incorrectly.  I am hoping someone has the proper setup steps for configuration, or possibly knows how I might go about troubleshooting the startup issue.



Terry Farnham