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linker error using wchar.h functions MQX 4.1

Question asked by Brett Nicholas on Sep 2, 2015
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I need to use the wchar_t data type for a C project (the project is for a K70FN1M0 on a custom PCB, running MQX 4.1 and developing in CW 10.5), but am unable to access the wchar/wstring library functions such as wprintf(), wmemcpy(), wcsncpy(), and others.


I have already made sure to #include <wchar.h> and <wstring.h>, and also selected the "Enable wchar_t support" option for ARM compiler settings in the project properties menu. I am able to use the wchar_t data type without any build errors, however I get  "Link Failed" and "wprintf() undefined" errors when I try to use any wchar functions.


Please help, thanks!


- Brett