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S32 Design Studio for PowerPC Licensing and GCC

Question asked by Michael Goudey Employee on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2015 by Michael Goudey

I have installed S32DS for ARM and also have taken a look at pre-release PPC version.  Where is the license file included with this installation?  It's not at all obvious like the directory structure included with KDS.


I would also like to know about GCC version included with S32DS for PowerPC.  It appears to be a VLE toolchain with GCC v4.9.2.  The one included with S32DS for ARM looks like GCC v4.9.3.


Is the VLE toolchain a custom one, or standard GCC?  I have searched the web and it's unclear whether VLE was added to the standard GCC compiler.


Thanks, Michael