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migrating from MC9S08GT60 to MC9S08GT60A

Discussion created by Yetao Zhu on Jan 16, 2008
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Hello all,
:smileyvery-happy: I get some problems for the compatibility for 60-series... Hope some one can help me out.

Seems some library code doesn't support the migrating from MC9S08GT60 to MC9S08GT60A.

My experiment as following:
-The testing boards are standard freescale 13192-EVB boards, one is using the GT60 processor, while the other one is using the GT60A processor.

-Except the processor, the rest of the boards are completely same, including the circuits and the components (To make sure the only difference is from different type of processors).

-Both boards are loaded with the same executables, and force the processors into stop3 mode. So in this case, the processors should behave the same and don't perform any actions.

The conclusion is that, the processor MC9S08GT60 does go to the stop3 mode, and cost very little current (several uA), basicall I am sure about this.
However, the MC9S08GT60A have different current consumption with the same piece of code (much higher). To mention, the MC9s08GT60A processor follows the logic designed by the code.

So my idea is that, some of registers couldn't be recognized by the A-type processor, and leave some I/O pins floating.

My development studio is CodeWarrior v5.0 and service pack up to 11/22/2005. And I only find MC9S08GT60.h file in the directory and there's no file named as MC9S08GT60A.h. Is this the case ? 

Do you guys get any clues for this migrating incompatibility ?