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Problem with CodeWarrior7.1, USB Doungle and Windows 7

Question asked by Francesco Bellini on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by Pascal Irrle

Good morning everybody,

I’ve used CodeWarrior 7.1 with a USB Dongle Licensing since 2009 without any problems, in a laptop with OS Windows XP (32bit).

My problems arose when I installed Windows 7 (64bit).

With Windows 7, I installed CodeWarrior 7.1 Development Suite (by means of CD),

USB Dongle Drivers (I downloaded the updated version from and the FLEXIm software (it downloaded as well from the site in updated version).

I tried to read the USB Dongle FLEXid with FLEXIm software and I got the following positive result:


At this point, I placed my “old” file license.dat in my CodeWarrior installation root directory and I tried to open a CodeWarrior project. Here I’ve found the problem and the following error window popped up.



I think there is a problem related to the new software version of FLEXIm, it recognize the USB, is able to read the ID but it can’t link it with the CodeWarrior or something like that. 

I tried also installing CodeWarrior7.2 (downloaded from the but the following screen appeared:

I've not been able to find a version for 64bit.


Are there anybody who can help me?

Thanks in advance.