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Missing complementary signals PWM1/3 when PWM module driven by A0/A2 timers outputs (MC56F8035 target)

Question asked by Peter Cernan on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2015 by Peter Cernan

Hello, I'm developing solar microinverter with MC56F8035. It includes two active clamp flyback converters. I need to drive both active clamp flyback converters using PWM0/1 and PWM2/3 signals which need to be 180 degres shifted. I found out that PWM module can not support 180 degrees shift between PWM0/1 and PWM2/3 signals directly. Therefore I applied software control to PWM module (to allow external signal to drive PWM module) and selected timer A0/A2 outputs as input signal for PWM module (in system integration module). This solution works for PWM0 and PWM2 outputs but I'm missing complementary PWM1/3 signals (even I applied complementary mode to PWM module). Any idea what's wrong? I'm using CW 5.9.0 and Quickstart 2.5.3 for configuration of PWM module and timers A0/A2 (and SIM module too). Any other ideas how to handle 180 degrees shift between PWM0/1 and PWM2/3 signals? PWM module setting attached too. Thanks for help in advance.