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Secure Boot on T2080

Question asked by Shaju Abraham on Sep 2, 2015



I am trying to boot T2080RDB board in secure mode from NOR flash. I am using the alternate flash bank for testing the secure boot.

I have programmed  the SRKH and OTPMK fuses with the correct keys as instructed in the SDK manual.

Currently the secure boot fails with no prints on the console and I am not able to get any error code from the ISBC. The SCRATCHWR2 register is 0. The SEC_MON

is in check state(0x9).

I am using secure  rcw and secure u-boot images supplied with the SDK version 1.8.

The contents of SECMON_HPSR(314014h) is 0x8000a900.

Please let me know how to debug this issue.