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Using fsl_uart problem

Question asked by shaul dorf on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2015 by Kan_Li

Doing my initial steps in KDS and Kinetis I faced a problem using “UART to console transaction” via OpenSDA USB link.


My project is implemented on FRDM-K64F using: KDS3.0, KSDK1.2+PE and UART based on fsl_uart component.


The program logic is based on a working “UART non-blocking driver” demo.


When I send predefined char string using “ UART_DRV_SendData(FSL_UARTCOM1, buffStart, byteCountBuff) ” method.


The result is that the first character of buffStart string is sent to console in endless loop.

I have same phenomena implementing  “DWF - Kinetis
Design Studio (KDS) using Processor Expert" - Lab4  ( ).