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VPU memory description structure from vpu_io.h

Question asked by thalex on Sep 1, 2015
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I am using i.MX6 VPU for some video processing applications running under Linux.


Here is an extract from vpu_io.h :

typedef struct vpu_mem_desc {
  int size; /*!requested memory size */
  unsigned long phy_addr; /*!physical memory address allocated */
  unsigned long cpu_addr; /*!cpu addr for system free usage */
  unsigned long virt_uaddr; /*!virtual user space address */
} vpu_mem_desc;


I would like to know what exactly is cpu_addr, when and by whom it is used.


Where should i localize it in the management system described here: ARM® Developer Suite Developer Guide 7.5.1. Virtual to physical address mapping (Are phy_addr and virt_uaddr corresponding to virtual memory and physical memory addresses this document is referring to?)


Is cpu_addr would be used in a bare metal system, with no OS?


I hope my question is clear enough...