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Possible to re-enable ECC when the DDR controller is running, on T1040?

Question asked by Mathias Parnaudeau on Sep 1, 2015
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To become more familiar with the DDR controller and its ECC part, I wanted to cause some errors and check the status after. I use a T1040RDB board.

I followed a procedure for the PowerQUICC III processors found in the application note AN3532, titled "Error Correction and Error Handling on PowerQUICC™ III Processors". The idea is to write a pattern in memory (so the ECC byte is set accordingly), to turn ECC off, to change the pattern and to enable again ECC, read the pattern and see the result of the caused mismatch between the value in memory and its associated ECC byte.


With the T1040, I get a Machine Check exception when enabling again ECC. Is it only possible to enable ECC before the initialization of the memory controller?


I will continue my investigations using error injection mechanisms.


Anyway, thank you in advance if you can provide the information about the capability to re-enable ECC after memory initialization.