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Clarification on instructions how to programm u-boot into NOR flash

Question asked by Reinhard Tartler on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by Pavel Chubakov

Board: LS1021A-TWR


We are experiencing trouble with following the instructions from the SDK Documentation at Freescale Technical Information Center


The instructions in "Programming a new New U-Boot" do not result in a working u-boot in Bank 1.


However, posts in this forum indicate that the correct address to program is 0x63f80000 instead:


TWR-LS1021A : U-boot console prompt not shown in LPUART mode

How do I recover from a failed u-boot flash on the LS1021A?


We could confirm that flashing u-boot to that address does result in a working u-boot in Bank 1. Curiously, there is no disagreement on the location of the RCW (0x64000000), but only u-boot: 0x64100000 (wrong) vs 0x63f80000. Also, the 2nd discussion forum claims that the correct location for u-boot in bank 0 was 0x67f80000. This is also inconsistent to the memory map given for the Flash Bank Usage: Flash Bank Usage.


Please clarify the instructions in the SDK documentation, in particular the Flash Bank memory map.


Thank you.