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Lifetime calculation MPXV5010

Question asked by Christian Wieber on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by Christian Wieber

We are planning to use a MPXV5010 in an industrial application, where it would serve as a programmable pressure switch in an "air-barrier", replacing the currently used pneumatic pressure amplifiers. However, in order to verify that the sensor is suitable for this application we need a good estimation for the expected lifetime, as the system is required to work without failure for several years (in this application a failure of the sensor would mean a total failure or loss of sensitivity / drift > 20 %, smaller changes in sensitivity / drift could be compensated for). Typical operation conditions would be:

1.) Operation with dried and filtered air.

2.) Ambient / air temperature 10...50 degrees Celsius.

3.) Input pressure varying between 0...5 kPa, i.e. up to 50 % of nominal input pressure range.

4.) Frequency of pressure change approximately 0.5...0.05 Hz.

5.) Input pressure rise and drop within a few ms.



a) Is there a formula to calculate the estimated lifetime as a function of ambient / air temperature, input pressure change, frequency of pressure change and possibly slew rate of pressure change? We could not find any information about the lifetime in the documentation available.

b) Would it make a difference for the lifetime under the above conditions when a MPVZ5010 would be used instead? We are aware that it would reduce the risk of premature failure due to high humidity.


Thanks in advance