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Changing MMPF0100 voltage through I2C

Question asked by Sanjay Anand on Sep 1, 2015
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We are developing our own custom board using IMX6Q referring to Sabre board for smart devices development board.

Linux version is 3.14.28.

We are using MMPF0100 F1 preprogrammed version in our design.


1 ) We have a F1 preprogrammed version MMPF0100 with us and SW3A starts with 1.2 volts  We want to change it to 2.5V how can this be done as the regulator is set for lower voltage change?



we wanted to understand the software flow when



1) We write the a value in 0xB0 (ie the TBBOTP register on

   extended page 1 for SW3AVOLT) does the voltage change reflect   




2)We write the a value in 0x3c (ie register on functional page for 

   SW3AVOLT) does the voltage change reflect immediately?



Our requirement is that we change the SW3A Voltage to 2.5 after it powers on through I2C programming,We want to change the voltage without the MMPF0100 restarting once its powered on. Please give a solution for the same.



Can you also give some insight regarding the following





We understand that in the F1 MMPF0100 version if we change the voltage register in the Functional page it will reflect immediately.

is our understanding correct?



what will happen if we change the voltage in the TBBOTP registers in the extended page 1?

will the voltage change reflect immediately?



if it does not change should we set the 4th and 5th bit in the  OTP LOAD MASK register at 84 in ectended page 1?(with TBB POR=1)

will it then force the voltage chages?

we do not want the MMPF0100 to restart once its powered up







Sanjay Anand