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Processor Expert FLASH_LDD erase function

Question asked by superdiode2 on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by Marek Neuzil



I'm working on a Mk10DX128VLH7 kinetis device. I try to erase a sector in the FlexNVM memory (there isn't partitions).

The problem is on function FLASH1_Erase (the name of the bean is FLASH1) that verify the size of the sector with 2K, but the datasheet of the microcontroller specify 1Kb size for the FlexNVM memory. If I modify these check to run with 1Kb sector, the microcontroller resets itself. With original code (writing to erase a 2Kb sector), the first 1Kb of sector is erased, but not the other 1Kb. In a large operation, the results is a 1Kb erased, 1Kb not erased, 1Kb erased, 1Kb not erased....


How can I erase these sectors of FlexNVM?


Thanks in advance.