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MC1321x problems

Discussion created by Luís Fabiano da Silva on Jan 15, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2008 by Grupo ZigBee
I have a new NCB board wich I have the following problem: The BDM correctly sees the MCU and allows me to program the flash. When I program the flash with any of the SMAC applications using MC13213-NCB as target, BDM is ok and when I selec run, it says STARTIN, and then RUNNING.
But it seems to die in this loop
while (u8AttnIrq == FALSE) {
if (IRQFLAG == 1) { /* Check to see if IRQ is asserted */
u16IrqReg = SPIDrvRead(0x24); /*
* Clear MC13192 interrupts and
* check for ATTN IRQ from 13192
u16IrqReg &= 0x400;
if (u16IrqReg == 0) {
u8AttnIrq = FALSE;
else {
u8AttnIrq = TRUE;

Any help?

I saw others messages, but I didnt solve my problem.