QG8 - SCI stops receiving bytes

Discussion created by MARIO DAIGLE on Jan 14, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2008 by Brett Wallace
Hello group, I am developing a commercial product using the QG8 processor; some details I cannot discuss due to IP considerations.  The problem that we are experiencing is as follows:
-Using P&E USB Multilink debugger and CW 3.1 IDE
Following a seemingly random time frame of expected operation, the processor seems to no longer accept/receive bytes into it's internal RX buffer.  I have confirmed that when this problem occurs, data is in fact properly presented on the receive pin.  Other than the inability to receive bytes, all other operations are as expected (Physical interaction with the board and data transmission).  The processor recovers and exhibits normal behavior following a power cycle.
Thank you all in advance, I would appreciate any nudges in the right direction to resolve this issue.