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imx53 audio routing GSM and pots line linux2.6.35

Question asked by Muhammad Nadeem on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by Wigros Sun


I have a custom board with imx536, mostly based on imx53qsb.  We have one audio cx20709 connect to AUDMUX_AUD5, Sierra module MC9090 connected to AUDMUX_AUD4 and Si3050 DAA connected to AUDMUX_AUD3. Currently the platform data setting for audio codec cx20709 is


static struct mxc_audio_platform_data cx20709_z21_data = {

     .ssi_num = 1,

     .src_port = 2,

     .ext_port = 5,

     .init = mxc_cx20709_z21_init,

     .ext_ram_rx = 1,



My question is what should be the audio data settings for the other two codecs. I want to route the audio data between AUD5<>AUD4 and between AUD5<>AUD3 since AUD5 is the full duplex hands free codec. AUD5 should still be driven by ssi1, but I don't want to drive AUD4 and AUD3 by any ssi just route to AUD5. The interface to AUD4 and AUD3 are very simple PCM codec and I have used the bluetooth codec as a basis for audio driver for both the codecs.


My main confusion is the routing and setting mxc_audio_platfrom_data for codec on AUD4 and AUD3


Thnaks in advance for a help


M. Nadeem