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How to program my FRDM-KL46Z on CodeWarrior ?

Question asked by Marcos Santos on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2015 by Marcos Santos

Hi there folks, I'm from Brazil and recently I bought this MCU FRDM-KL46Z  256 Kinetis L and I'm having some troubles with it. First the ball, is CodeWarrior the best IDE to program this board ? Second, It's my first time programming on Codewarrior IDE, and I know nothing how to create the code, despite of I programming C language, but I dont know the functions that work on the board. How can I know them ? What is it Processor Expert? I tried to use it but even that is pretty simple, I couldn't do this work on the board. Someone here could help me please ? I just want to know the steps from create the project and programming, to compile and debugging.



Ps: I tried to debugging with OpenSDA using the Debug from P&E, but the code don't worked. But I think it's the smaller of my problems

Ps2: On freescale's Website, they provides that pre-compiled examples, that have .srec extension. It's pretty simple just to drag and drop it on the device ;DDDD. How am I save my program on this extension ?


Sorry for my ignorance and thanks for the help!