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How to copy application from QSPI Serial Flash to RAM and jump to application?

Question asked by Eric Shufro on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by jiri-b36968

Does anyone have any experience and or sample code demonstrating how to copy an application from serial flash into external memory and then jump to the application entry point?  Also, many of the reference drivers available / pointed to in the forums do not seem to use DMA.  We have some pretty tight startup constraints and were wondering if there is a DMA version of the driver, and if so, would it be any faster than the non DMA versions available?


Does anyone have any timing examples for loading ~3MB (or any size for that matter) from serial flash to RAM at boot time with and without DMA?


Note: We have two 4MB serial flash parts, we are not using parallel mode.  How much performance could we gain if we enabled parallel mode with and without DMA? Is it worth the extra effort?


Thank you in advance,