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Code Size issue - can ansibfm.lib be pared down or replaced?

Question asked by Scott Miller on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by giacomopetrini

HI, I am developing an application on an MC9S08DZ128 and have run out of user code space.  My user modules are 42793, generated code is 5450, and Libs is 58481 bytes. The only entry under "Libs" is ansibfm.lib (58481 bytes in size). 


First of all, what is this library (I find very little documentation on it on the web).  Is there an alternative library I can use that will support floating point (How do I switch the libraries?)?  Or can I take functionality (size) out of this library at compile time using options in Codewarrior? 


This library just seems huge.  There has got to be an alternative, especially needed for those using processors with 32k flash.


Does anyone have any hints or tricks for paring down code?


I am using version 6.3 of Code Warrior (Classic IDE, Basic Edition).


Thanks very much for your help.