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about Xgate - S12XDP512

Discussion created by vinayak joshi on Jan 14, 2008
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I am using S12XDP512 with Code warrior 4.5. i am working on a project where i am going to use following tasks using microcontrollers resourses.
1) calculating RPM using Capture methode using ECT.
2) SCI communication through PC for sharing data.
3) one XIRQ interrupt for detecting external pulse (pulses vary from 0.25 to 6.25 msec)
4) one  PIT Timer interrupt  for Time out Period. and one PIT timer (non interrupt)  for some logic    development
5)5 ADC analog channel for sensing  analog value of external pins
6)3 Outputs Through I/O pins 
            above mentioned resourses are used by me in this project now i want to know that which
resourses are implement through xgate and which implement by normal CPU by me? i gate little bit confuse. willl you please tell me which is better resourse to implement through xgate?
            OR in general which resourses are normally used when we are going to use xgate functionalty.

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