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Problem debugging FRDM-K22F in Linux with Segger J-Link OpenSDAv2.1 Firmware

Question asked by Steve Brecheisen on Aug 27, 2015

I am using an FRDM-K22F with the Segger J-Link OpenSDAv2.1 Firmware installed   (Installed the 2.1 firmware from Windows).


I am able to use KDS to debug from within Windows, but prefer to be able to debug using KDS in Linux, as that is my "normal" build/dev environment.


When the board is connected to my linux machine, I am able to see the serial connection fine, and I get serial output from the previously programmed code (programmed from KDS debugger on Windows), but when I try to launch the debugger from KDS it fails to launch successfully.



KDS console and terminal output

KDS Debugger settings

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