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Question asked by tom Coggio on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by tom Coggio

I have a puzzling question. I have an in house design using Micron MT42L256M64D4LM-25 WT

1.I am running the Stress tool to test the LPDDR2 memory.


     DDR Stress Test (1.0.3) for MX6DQ

    Build: Jun 25 2014, 12:09:21

    Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


2. I get consistent  PASSes for ARM core speed 800MHz and DDR freq of 400MHz

    I also get consistent PASSes for ARM core speed 1GHz and DDR freq of 380MHz


   I get a consistent FAIL  for ARM core speed 1GHz and DDR freq of 400MHz

here's part of what I get

Test channel 0

ABS_OFFSET=0x00000000   result[00]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x04040404   result[01]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x08080808   result[02]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x0C0C0C0C   result[03]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x10101010   result[04]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x14141414   result[05]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x18181818   result[06]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x1C1C1C1C   result[07]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x20202020   result[08]=0x0011

ABS_OFFSET=0x24242424   result[09]=0x0011

ABS_OFFSET=0x28282828   result[0A]=0x0011

ABS_OFFSET=0x2C2C2C2C   result[0B]=0x0011

ABS_OFFSET=0x30303030   result[0C]=0x0011

ABS_OFFSET=0x34343434   result[0D]=0x0011

ABS_OFFSET=0x38383838   result[0E]=0x0011

ABS_OFFSET=0x3C3C3C3C   result[0F]=0x0011

ABS_OFFSET=0x40404040   result[10]=0x0011

ABS_OFFSET=0x44444444   result[11]=0x0011

ABS_OFFSET=0x48484848   result[12]=0x0011

ABS_OFFSET=0x4C4C4C4C   result[13]=0x0011

ABS_OFFSET=0x50505050   result[14]=0x0011

ABS_OFFSET=0x54545454   result[15]=0x1111


allways the lower 2 bytes.


I can't understand why it is different at 1 GHz as I understand the PLL for the memory is still originating from the 24MHz external xtal.

and the ARM PLL is separate from the System PLL.


Any ideas?