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Send string of characters/UART - P9S08SG8

Discussion created by Chris Sjoquist on Jan 11, 2008
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Hello all-
I am using a P9S08SG8 microcontroller.
I am in need of some help.  First of all, I am new to this forum and new to Freescale hardware and software, but have some experience in C, C++, etc.  I have been searching for answers in the forum, online, and the datasheet, but haven't found too much. 
I need to send a string of characters over a UART line.  I need to send these characters when there are different states on input pins...for example, if pin 1 is high, I need to send "do this action\n" on the UART line.  If someone has some advice for me, or could direct me to some literature to read, that would be great. 
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