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Mc1233x Kit - HALightingSolution for star network

Question asked by Cuong Minh on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by nam ta


I have a kit Mc1322x include three module, 1 Mc1322x Network Node and 2 Mc1322x sensor Node

I config Network Node is Coordinator, sensor Node is End Device.

Now I want to make "star network" with functions below

sw1 on sensor Node1 control led1 on Network Node

sw2 on sensor Node1 control led2 on Network Node

sw1 on sensor Node2 control led3 on Network Node

sw2 on sensor Node2 control led4 on Network Node


sw1 on Network Node control led1 on sensor Node1

sw2 on Network Node control led2 on sensor Node2

I used HALightingSolution on Codebase 3.0.11

Can anyone guide me?