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Codewarrier Performance of Evaluation Version vs Standard/Professional Version (MPC5643L)

Question asked by girish karpur on Aug 26, 2015

Hi Team,


We have developed our board with MPC5643L . Currently we are using the evaluation version of the Codewarrier compiler .

I wish to understand the difference between the eval version and standard/paid version of the codewarrier w.r.t performance and code optimisation if any.

More specifically, Will the execution timing of specific code section change between these versions.

Will there be any difference in the ADC conversion times, or will the number of instructions change due to optimisation in professional versions.

If yes then how to understand or measure.

If there is any performance gain in the CTU module with profession version?


Can I get a time limited full version for few weeks for performance evaluation?


Best Regards


Girish Karpur

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