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MC68HC912 : how to debug an app when the MCU is in STOP mode ?

Discussion created by rivolet sebastien on Jan 11, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2008 by Alban Rampon
I'm trying to debug an app running on a MC68HC912DT128 using BDM probe (see below for configuration details).
The board is based on a MC68HC912DT128 microcontroller, and a PDIUSBD12 (Philips) parallel USB external controller.
The main loop of the programm calls periodically the "asm STOP" instruction since it is a way to reduce power consumption when there is no activity on the USB bus.
The external USB controller provides IRQ to HC12 on USB requests and thus awakes the HC12.
The external USB controller provides CLK to XTAL input of the microcontroller.
1st question : is this the good way to call the STOP instruction, i.e periodically in a main loop ?
2nd question : is there a way for running HIWAVE when the chip is in STOP mode ?
thank you for answers,
The configuration is the following :
CodeWarrior v 5.7.0 for HC12
P&E Systems BDM USB probe
HiWave v 6.1 build 6037

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