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Recent header file for MPC5748G

Question asked by Aleksandar Vinchev on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by Peter Vlna


recent header files, found in AN4830, Freescale Recipes for MPC574xG - Application notes (REV 1) are 2.1.12a for mask 0N65H and 4.0.01 for mask 1N81M.

I know that there is only one newer revision for 0N65H (2.1.13).

Is there any newer revision for 1N81M? I'm asking, because supplied one is false regarding CAN1-7 definition (and maybe somewhere else), when checking versus MPC5748G - Reference Manual (REV 4) document. At least FDEN bit is not present in MCR, IMASK3 and IFLAG3 registers are missing.