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IMX6 audio output on I2S

Question asked by Andrea Guglielmi on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by Pawel Krzyzanowski

Hi all.


I'm currently working on a board powered by a Freescale iMX 6 processor with kernel 3.0.35 and I'm facing an issue with sound routing. My application is heavily based on Gstreamer. As far as I know, Gstreamer does need a (fake) codec to which forward audio.


My production board does NOT include an hardware codec and I need to forward the sound data directly to I2S. I've developed my application on a demo board with SGTL5000 and on that board the related driver is correctly used. In deploying the final code to the production board I tried to modify the above mentioned driver to fake SGTL5000 presence but with no luck.

The same approach worked well  on kernel  2.6.X (iMX28) where the ALSA subsystem was quite different then subsequent kernel releases.


Is it feasible to adapt SGTL5000 driver to fake codec presence as we have done in kernel 2.6.x? If yes, could someone please give us some hints on how to correctly do that?  By the way, I feel like modifying the driver is not elegant and sane at all. Do you know any standard way to forward sound data to I2S when no codec is available? Is there any specific driver for that?


As we saied we are using kernel 3.0.35 but we have no constraint on using specific version.


Thanks in advance for any clue about my issue.



Andrea Guglielmi