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how to compile my kernel(3.14) by adding wireless extendions support in menuconfig

Question asked by mutyalarao neelapala on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by mutyalarao neelapala

Hi All,

platform : imx6sl

kernel    : 3.14    


I have downloaded the source code from the repository by following the steps in yocto build pdf, After downloading when I cross compiled my driver and copied onto the board, and insert it (insmod) it says unknown symbol in module "send_wireless_evnt", so now I want to add the "CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT" support to my kernel.


Please tell me how to compile my kernel with the changes made in menuconfig.


When I bitbake again "bitbake core-imge-minimal", it is downloading the new kernel. but it is not building my kernel in which changes were made.


Please tell me how to do it????

Thanks in Advance.