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MQX with MK53N512CMD10  custom board

Question asked by Alberto Peña on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by soledad

Hi, I´m using a mqx project on a custom board with a MK53N512CMD10 and an external cristal of 8MHz. I try to use the proccesor expert to configure the external cristal, and got stuck on this line of code at dispatch.S file:



                / woohoo, idle task must be enabled, this point cannot be reachable, you have serious problem /

               b .


¿does the K53N512CMD10 with MQX support an external cristal of 8MHz?

¿How do i configure MQX to work with the external cristal of 8MHz?

¿How do i link my MXQ proyect with a bsp clon?


I'll be thankful for your help