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USBSPYDER08 Windows Vista Questions

Question asked by Rick Lebens on Jan 9, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2008 by Massimo Alberto

hi... 1st post


I bought a USBSPYDER08 to do some quick (more important CHEAP) microcontroller applications.  The computer near where this takes place runs Windows Vista.  CodeWarrior version 5.1 (?) that came on the CD with the part will not load. 


If I download CW_MCU_V6_1_SE will it work with the USBSPYDER08 ?  Is that the same (but newer and compatable) development system that came with the USBSPYDER08 ?  Will I be able to obtain the (free) special edition license for this?


I am clueless as to how USB works.  On the CD there is a program called usbspyder08_setup.exe from SofTek Microsystems.  Is this what puts the app on the PC to run the USB to CodeWarrior interface?  Will it work with VIsta.  Do I run that after I install code warrior?


The USBSPYDER08 came populated with a MC9S08QG4CE.  If I read the data sheet correctly this part does not have a debug module (DBG).  Is that going to cause me additional problems.


Sorry about so many questions.  Perhaps in my quest to get the most bang for the buck I made a poor choice.