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Eeprom emulation on QG8 fails

Discussion created by Fco. Javier Rodriguez G on Jan 9, 2008
Latest reply on May 22, 2008 by Sandeep Sharma
Hi!! I've trying to emulate eeprom on QG8 derivative using the project NVM.mcp that I found in this forum (although I don't remember exactly where I get it, but that is not the problem right now), however when loading the code onto the chip through the P&E true-time emulator tool, the non-volatile register NVPROT (0xFFBD)  is written with 0x7E which blocks the entired flash so I'm not allowed to write in any flash location.

Inside that such a tool there is an "expert mode programmer" which allows me to write the value 0x01 (no flash protected) into 0xFFBD.  I decided to use the very first flash page as eeprom (starting at 0xE000), and for debugging process I disabled the flash protection. When ready I'll back to protect the rest of the flash.

However when loading my code onto the chip the location 0xFFBD is written with 0x7E, so I cannot write in flash.

Does anyone has been faced with the same problem?? Is there some way to tell the P&E true-time emulator tool not to write in such location?? Do I need to edit some config file??

I started a project  (PCB boards already made) thinking that emulation was an easy thing, so it's not posible to use an external eeprom chip, and now I know emulation is not as easy as expected, perhaps I'm missing something

Thanks to all and I'll waiting for your kindly answers. Regards =)