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Device not working without debugger

Discussion created by Fred Talbot on Jan 8, 2008
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I have a CodeWarrior project that was working with version 6.4, but it's now imported in V7.0 and it's not working anymore. I had a problem with the CACR mnemonic, but since I don't have cache in the MCF52235, I've remove the function that use it.

Now when I program my device and run the debugger, everything s working fine, but if I try to have the device run by itself, nothing is happening except a LED that is suppose to toggle every second is now steady ON. When in that state, I'm starting the debugger and I'm getting a "Exception vector name: Address Error". Seems I'm getting a "Illegal stack type" exception when I'm trying to print something on the UART port, but the exception try to print something too, so the loop is filling the RAM.

Also, sometime when I try to program the device, I get "Error:  System clock check failed  See Details for additional information." in the flash programmer. When it happen, I have to restart CodeWarrior.

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