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i.MX 6Quad - gstreamer crashes on playing ogg file.

Question asked by Pavel Bilenko on Aug 24, 2015



I am working with multimedia platform based on iMX 6Quad.


For some unclear reason when I try to play ogg file (which contains some meta data - attached) using gstreamer (gst-launch), it crashes (SIGSEGV) immediately with following backtrace:

#0  0x2b3e21e0 in decodePacket () from ./usr/lib/imx-mm/audio-codec/

#1  0x2b3de7e4 in OggVorbisDecode () from ./usr/lib/imx-mm/audio-codec/

#2  0x2b3c7c40 in VORBISDecFrameDecode () from ./usr/lib/imx-mm/audio-codec/wrap/

#3  0x2ab6de6c in gst_beepdec_chain () from ./usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/

#4  0x2abf2504 in ?? () from ./usr/lib/

#5  0x2abf2504 in ?? () from ./usr/lib/


If metadata is removed from that ogg file, gstreamer plays it without any problem.


I searched the Internet but couldn't find debug version of library or its sources.

I didn't find any problems or clues in Gstreamer log (attached GST_DEBUG=3,beepdec:9,mfw_vorbisdecoder:9).


Some additional info on my system:

kernel version - 3.0.35

gst-launch-0.10 version 0.10.35

GStreamer version 0.10.35

beep.imx plugin version - 3.0.7

vorbisdec.imx plugin version - 3.0.5


Any help on this issue will be really appreciated.


Best regards,


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