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dual channel uncompressed Video device, imx6

Question asked by Jyoti verma on Aug 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by Joan Xie



We are developing a product for streaming, recording and playback of uncompressed video data.

imx6 seems good option for this application.


This device will have mainly following interfaces:

1) Two camera i/ps.

2) One analog video o/p.

3) Two display devices. (one on PCAM and another via HDMI)

4) storage devices like SATA-SSD, eMMC.


There will be two concurrent independent video channels.


We have some query related to imx6:


1. Can imx6 support the required throughput for this dual channel uncompressed video?

    1.1 Are video engines and storage engines in sync. with this throughput?


2. Can imx6 support concurrent display of video on two different display devices?

    2.1 Case-1: when Video sources are from two different camera I/Ps.

    2.2 Case-2: video source for both display is single camera device.


3. Please let us know software support for uncompressed video data application either in linux or windows.

   and also tell about examples for this application if available.


Please revert ASAP.