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Detail of DLL in uSDHC controller

Question asked by ko-hey on Aug 23, 2015
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Hi all



Please tell me a "DLL in read path" in uSDHC controller.

I have question about function, clock root and usage instructions.



I'm watchin Figure 67-20 in following document.



What is a function of the box that is between ④ and ⑤ ?




I can't understand their clock root because their some difference between Figure 67-2 and 67-20.

In my understandig, the clock that is shown in ① in Figure 67-20 is ref_clk.

Is it correct ?

Does it change their name to "ipp_card_clk_in" ?




According to the descrition of DLL, the DLL can be disabled or bypassed.

What is different between disabled and bypassed ?



Is the read path same that is shown in Figure 67-20 when user disabled or bypassed the DLL ?