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Serial Monitor, GNU and Codewarrior - MC9S12C32

Discussion created by Dean Manion on Jan 6, 2008
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I've been developing on HCS12's using GNU and NOICE with a P&E BDM connector and life was good. I'm attemping to interface a SD card and found a program example that uses Codewarrior. I was thinking about looking into Codewarrior since it supports xGate. I loaded the sample program into Codewarrior and burnt it into my C32 processor and played with it a bit, big mistake. I found Codewarrior much more complicated harder to use then GNU and now I can't get  my old GNU S19 files to run after loading with NOICE. I'm sure it has to to with the reset vector and Corewarrior wiping out the serial monitor. I've been looking for an "S" file for the serial monitor so I can attempt to get things back to the way they were, but I have had no luck finding it. Does anyone have a link to the serial monitor files. Is there anyway to make GNU and Codewarrior co-exist in a development environment without jumping through too many hoops. I'm sure I can figure it out but I figured some else has gone through this exersize.
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