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CW6.1 - remove symbolics or not for release build (target)?

Discussion created by James Stott on Jan 6, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2008 by James Stott
My question is with CW6.1 for HS08 (MC1321x samples) & any need for Debug & Release targets.
The web based training for using the debugger (24612_CW_DEBUGGER_WBT.pdf) has the following note: "Note: Build without symbolics for final release". 
I've seen several comments in the forums that say there is no debug information in the s19 output...and if I try to remove all debug 'dots' from the File View or Link Order for my project and build, it  get a compile error "Link Error : L1700 : File crt0.c.0 should contain DWARF information".  Placing the debug symbolic (dot) on crt0.c and compiling again completes fine. 
a) Is there something else I should be doing after removing the symbolic - to fix the compile error?  Is there something spec I should look for in the crt0.c file that 'requires' the debug selection?
b) Should I worry about having a specific Release target (w/ any particular settings?) for production code -
or is there any performance issues if I skip it?