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P&E Micro USB Multilink problem with MC908QG8

Question asked by Paul Savage on Aug 23, 2015
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We have a rev. C USB Multilink. P/N is USB-ML-12E. We have been using it several years successfully with a custom designed eval board that has a MC908QG4 part. It has wire wrap headers and a 3 volt regulator on  board. Recently I changed the part to a MC908QG8. With the latest version of CodeWarrior open when I connect the 2x3 connector from the Multilink the blue LED is on but the yellow flashes on for a half second and goes out. When I try to flash the part CodeWarrior says there is a connection error. I have changed the QG8 part several several times and the yellow LED never stay on solid. I have verified 3 volts on the BDM connector on the board. We are right in the middle of a project and urgently need help.