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KE06Z 64 pin version ADC reference

Question asked by Nicolas Giussani on Aug 21, 2015
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I'm new to this community, so I'll start by introducing myself. I'm an Electronic Engineer from Argentina. I've been working with ARM core devices for around 10 years. Recently we selected the Kinetis K series microcontrollers (KE06Z, K02, K22, K60) for various applications.


I'm starting a design for a device that requires 5V supply, so I selected the KE06Z 64 pin version.


I'm not sure what's the idea with the VREFH for ADC. The Reference Guide says VREFH is internally connected to the VDDA pin, so I'm not able to connect an external reference. Is that so? Or am I misreading something?


I'm not sure if I can use as reliable reference source the internal bandgap, if I'm can't use an external reference.


Thanks in advance.


P.S.: I couldn't find anything like this in other discussion. If it was a subject of another one, my apologies.