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AN2720 Files for Codewarrior stationery

Discussion created by colin howard on Jan 3, 2008
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Just trying to track down some source for AN2720 which has been updated for Codewarrior stationery.  I have some "hacked" stuff but have lost track of the originals.  The header for FLASH.C is

/******************************************************************* *                    freescale semiconductor inc  * *    DESCRIPTION:   S12 single array Flash routines *    SOURCE:        flash.c *    COPYRIGHT:     © 04/2004   freescale *    AUTHOR:        rat579  *    REV. HISTORY:  09/2004   - Added support for multiple array devices *          - Modified for MW standard stationery. * * *******************************************************************/

 The AN2720SW files currently on the website do not include the revs listed above.

Any help appreciated.


PS: Is rat579 out there?