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Interrupt in kl46Z

Question asked by Bheema Rao on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by yusuf yelkovan

I am working on freedom KL46Z board using interrupt on KDS3.0 with KSDK1.2.0


switch SW1 on freedom board is connected to PTC-3 and SW2 is conected to PTC-12 port pin

i have enable interrupts for the SW1 and SW2 on processor expert

when i generate a code i can see Events.c as below

void PORTC_PORTD_IRQHandler(void)



/* Write your code here ... */



how can i access individual interrupt from SW1 or SW2

i tried to identify interrupt from SW1 from function: GPIO_DRV_ReadPinInput(BUTTON_SW1)

but not able to identify the interrupt is from the source SW1 or SW2 ?


can any one has come across this scenario?