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CW HC(s)12 v3.1 - Dead P&E Multilink Rev. B - What to do?

Question asked by craig iannello on Jan 3, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2008 by Daniel Lundin
I zapped my Multilink Rev. B!  From what I can tell, P&E isn't making Rev. B BDM pods anymore, yet that's the latest rev. that our CodeWarrior HC(s)12 V3.1 installs will work with.
Considering the fact that money is tight, where should I proceed from here? 
Is there still a source of Rev. B multilinks?  We have two CW 3.1 installs here that could potentially be unusable if we can't debug anymore. 
Is there a way I can use a Rev C BDM with my CW v3.1?    If not, is there an affordable(!!) upgrade path to a later version of codewarrior that works with rev. C pods?
Thanks in advance,
Craig Iannello
Embedded Sys.
Sun Nuclear Corp.