Entering Active Background Mode

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Hi guys,
I have a question about entering the Active Background Mode, according to the data sheet 2 of the 5 methods of entering Active Background Mode are

• When a BACKGROUND command is received through the BKGD pin
• When a BGND instruction is executed

Now on the data sheet Chapter 17 Development Support, Table 17-1. BDC Command Summary. I can see that BACKGROUND is listed as a Command Mnemonic but when I enter this command in the True-Time sim command window it says

"Error: no such command: BACKGROUND
If the command exists, open the matching component and try it again"

What is the component that I need to load?

Also, how do I use the method using BGND instruction?

What I would like to do is basically to go into Active Background Mode through Code Warrior and do
"In-Circuit Simulation, or ICS, mode simulates the CPU core instructions on the user's PC.
However, Inputs/Outputs are read directly from the user's development device, and certain
modules are run on the actual device."

So by using commands such as

WB 0x0003 0xFF
WB 0x0002 0xFF

in the command window of the Real-Time Debugger, I can write data to Port B pins to test my circuit thats connnected to the QG8.

Can anyone direct a text that has the steps to covers this?

Thank you.