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MCF5445x crossbar switch (core to external memory) compared to MCF547x/8x XL bus

Discussion created by Malcolm Hartnell on Jan 2, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2008 by Malcolm Hartnell
I am currently using the MCF5474 but need to change to a processor with a working USB. The MCF5474 also has a speed problem with accessing external memory and while changing processor I would like to see that improved.
Has the access time to SDRAM and external SRAM been improved on the MCF5445x family over that seen on the MCF547x and MCF548x ?
By that I mean does the crossbar switch (XBS) on the MCF5445x work faster than the XL bus on the MCF547x/8x ? If so, are there any figures to compare the relative speeds?