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Imx28 custom board, how to configure mfgtool (xml file) to run Yocto 2.6.36 images?

Question asked by Edward Tyrrell on Aug 20, 2015
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I have a custom imx28 board that was running LTIB perfectly using mfgtool. Due to 3rd party developers we are forced to change to the Yocto build system for compiler and other issues. Yocto builds, the issue is getting the build into our NAND (there is no SD). We would like to stick with mfgtool if possible and so far I have modified the ucl.xml file to at least get u-boot running on our hardware. It runs but doesn't load the kernel. Ultimately I'd like not to use u-boot and to follow LTIB's way of booting using a *.sb file with all the necessary loading bits and kernel image inside. Is this possible using bitbake on a 2.6 kernel?


Option 2 would be any information how I could use existing Yocto images and modify mfgtool's xml to load them. My understanding of the inners of u-boot is limited, as mentioned I did get u-boot to load and run via mfgtool but how do I configure mfgtool's xml to get u-boot to find/run/link to the kernel image and also the rootfs.tar.b2z? How should the mtd's/ubi's be handled in the xml file and what goes where?


Any help would be appreciated!