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Different supply voltage -  MC9S08AW16

Discussion created by Michal Lauko on Dec 30, 2007
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Please i have one qustion about connection 2 MCU with different supply voltage. First MCU MC9S08AW16 has supply voltage 5V and is connected to the MC9S12NE64 demonstration board. MC9S12NE64 has a voltage level for  IO pins around 3V. In the datasheet are these Absolute Maximum Ratings:
                                                                                     min        max
I/O, Regulator and Analog Supply Voltage (VDD3) :  -0,3        4,5V
Digital Logic Supply Voltage (VDD) :                          -0,3        3V
Digital I/O Input Voltage (VIN) :                                   -0,3        6,5V

I need connect these MCUs with SPI. It is possible when voltage level of the MC9S12NE64 pins is 3V and voltage level of MC9S08AW16 is 5V?



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