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How to open Component Editor?

Question asked by Jerry Girard on Aug 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by Jerry Girard

I have spent all morning trying to figure out how to open the Component Editor so I can modify an exiting bean I created a long time ago.


I am now using the newest version of CodeWarrior called:

    CodeWarrior Development Studio

   (c) Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. 2014. All rights reserved.

    Installed Products:

     - CodeWarrior for MCU

    Version: 10.6.4

    Build Id:150416


It says I have this installed component:

    Component Development Environment 1.6.4.CW_b1514-1002


How the heck do I open an existing component to start editing?


I have read every tutorial ever created and they all just say to begin with: File|New|Embedded Component...


Apparently everyone must create their components perfect the first time, so there is no need to open them up for editing.


Can someone please prove that I'm not stupid here?  What am I missing?  Thanks...