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meterlib1ph_cfg I_MAX, U_MAX?

Question asked by Hyunwoo Choi on Aug 20, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by Hui_Ma


My project is based on _twr_emeter_demo(old one with KM34 128 series).

I can see a document: DRM143 Kinetis-M One-Phase Power Meter Reference Design.


Here is the question details.

Does U_MAX and I_MAX come from this schematic?

Then U_MAX should be 325.26V as it mentioned?

However, on page 25, it mentioned:286V not 325.26V.

I am not sure which value is correct one.


If my circuit use smaller register values such as two 150 Kohm instead of four 150 Kohm, then U_MAX value should be changed? then how?

There is no note about I_MAX though. Anyone know how to pick the value?





- page 25,

- page 13,